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My Journey

I had an opportunity if work in a variety of business functions including: executive team, engineering, development, management, operations, projects, sales, manufacturing, customer support/services etc.  However I had yet had an opportunity to work within the public sector.  I had worked with public sector clients many times in the past, but formally within an organization.  When I found the opportunity to join the City of Richmond Hill in roles that serves the public interest and exposes me to the unique challenges associated with working in the public sector, I jumped at the chance.  It certainly is a different world that the private sector, and I felt in some extraordinary way that my work was benefitting the public.  I was selected by the Richmond Hill's City Council to serve on both the Committee of Adjustments and the Roadwatch Committee.

Top Achievement


Committee of Adjustments

City of Richmond Hill - Planning & Infrastructure Department

2018 - Current

  • I was selected and appointed by City Council within a 5-member committee, under the authorization of the under the Planning Act of the Province of Ontario to consider the following application types within the jurisdiction of Richmond Hill, Ontario.

  1. Consent:

    • to create an easement of right-of-way

    • to register of a mortgage over part of a property

    • to register a lease over part of a lot for more than 21 years

    • to split land into more than one lot

    • to a technical conveyance (transferring property from one owner to another where the land was originally separated and has become joined)

  2. Variances from the Zoning By-law

  3. Issuance of a certification of validation

  • Reviewed relevant application: requests, present city designations, zoning provisions, site conditions, grading, service connections, previous and concurrent applications.

  • Reviewed city staff (​Building/Zoning, Planning, Development Engineering, Parks & Natural Heritage, By-Law enforcement, Corporate & Financial Services, Powerstream/Alectra Electrical Utilities, Enbridge, Trans-Canada Pipeline, Bell Canada, York Region Transportation and Community Planning, Toronto & Region Conservation Authority, CN Rail, MTO-Ministry of Transportation, Abutting Municipalities and Infra-Structure Ontario) reports.

  • Reviewed & consider letters of support for/objections against the application from the Public/residents.

  • Represented the City of Richmond Hill at Public hearings  where applications are presented, reviewed, deliberated.

  • Interface with Applicant, Agents, Planners, Lawyers and Residents to reconcile differences via mitigations prior to committee ruling. 

  • Deliberate along with committee members to adjudicate an outcome to the application.

Road Watch Committee

City of Richmond Hill - Infrastructure & Engineering Services Department

2018 - Current


  • Developed program vision, conducted market research, formulated needs analysis, crafted strategic plan, and roadmapped program for rejuvenation of Road Watch initiative within the City of Richmond Hill.

  • Presented Strategic plan, roadmap and budget to 5 City Councillors & 2 Deputy Mayors/Regional Councillors to obtain support for Motion brought to City Council for funding.

  • Interfaced with, applied for, and successfully obtained RSCP (Road Safety Community Partnership Program) grant to fund development of mobile application from the MTO (Ministry of Transportation of Ontario).

  • Presented vision, strategic plan and roadmap to York Regional Police panel of Detective Sargents, Superintendents, Police Deputy Chief to obtain buy-in for cross alliance between the city of Richmond Hill, York Regional Police and the Road Watch Committee of Richmond Hill

  • Developed mobile application high fidelity prototype model to help establish a vision of the future and what is Road Watch committee is capable of delivering to the residents or York Region.

  • Worked with City Legal, Marketing, IT, Communications, Traffic, Road Safety, Engineering Services in the development of staff reports for presentation to Council.

  • Event planning for Road Watch portion of City Sanction Events (Canada Day, Safety Village etc), includes create/build booth and development of marketing collaterals and handout for events.

  • Attended City Sanctioned events representing the Road Watch Committee in public forums interfacing with the public.

  • Attended regular meetings with representatives of York Regional Police to review road safety metrics and adjust program as needed.

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