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I'm a extroverted "A" type personality, a professional who is passionate about his work, education, family and friends.  As a child I was very curious about everything. I wanted to learn about how things, people and the world worked.  My father used to get upset at me for taking his electronics apart to see how they operated; I even took apart his favourite radio to see what was inside.  He was furious! LOL!

I tend to not read for pleasure, rather, I prefer reading journals, case studies, reports, text books, research papers etc...the exploration and learning about any topic from investment banking/finance, to construction management/techniques, to phycology and behavioural sciences... I deeply enjoy it all!...I think it's the challenge and knowledge of the unknown the drives me!  I also love being around people, listening and sharing life stories.  I'm a social creature and people are captivating to me, their decision making processes, their emotions and what motivates/drives them fascinates me.  If won the lottery I think I'd study human psychology full time.  I enjoy making connections with people, the art of conversation and problems solving.

During the early part of my professional career I worked primarily in technical roles, however over time my career shifted towards management of projects and programs.  Again during the mid part of my career another shift occurred, where I practiced being a mentor, leader and motivator.  My focus was working technically at the enterprise level,  delivery of project portfolios, and working within operational business teams such as sales, marketing, finance, procurement, HR, C-Suite etc.  In the later portion of my career I pivoted towards business, strategic and operational leadership and management.  In this area that I find my professional career most rewarding. 


I feel any role must be mutually beneficial for both parties, I seek a role and an organization that bring excitement and energy to my life.  If you are reading this I feel that your organization may fit the bill, I'd love an opportunity to discuss in detail my experience and how I could fit into your organization.


Thanks for your time in advance,



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