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Business Systems - Project Manager & Developer              

Levi's Strauss Canada, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

1998 – 1998

My Journey

I had enjoyed my time at Ford and was seeking new opportunities that would expose me to special or unique projects.  A classmate of mine had mentioned that has was the director of IT & Development of Levis Strauss Canada.  So I reached out to him asking if they were staffing for any special projects or a functional team. He had an opening for a proof of concept project and invited me to apply and I was select for the position.  He felt I would be well suited as I had an Electrical Engineering/Computer Science and Manufacturing background.  The project was a  proof of concept where we developed a custom online jean ordering/manufacturing eco-system.  Clients would order customized jeans via web interface, where data would be feed directly to automated cutting machine to custom size jean panels for feeding into production.  We had completed the project successfully however the project was not operationalized as it was deemed not fullfill the Capitalization, Gross Margin and ROI requirements.  However, many years later the project was indeed launched.

Top Achievement

  • Created of a new custom product ordering/manufacturing proof of concept delivery model, that delivered a new product segment to the Levi's Strauss Corporations of Canada.

Project Scope and Responsibilities

  • Worked with Marketing (Product/Brand/Channel) and Special Projects team to review and refine technical, business and user level requirements.

  • Sourced shared resources from functional management for WBS development, estimates and plan development.

  • Managed cross functional team in the Manufacturing API development, User Experience design and IT/Dev environments.

  • Worked within a VB dev console to participate in the develop web front end/UX code.

  • Designed and wrote (ANSI C) middleware to interface between backend and CNC cutting machines.

  • Participated in code review with all development teams.

  • Interfaced with manufacturing to coordinate delivery of customer runs through seamstresses.

  • Managed project deliverables, check-ins, unit testing, integration testing and updating of sandboxed servers in a dev environment.

  • Interface with senior management, product manager, clothing designers, manufacturing (machine technicians, seamstresses, health & safety) regarding the status of the project.

  • Documentation and triage of bugs, faults, errors, improvements and feature requests for input into our feature/bug management database.

  • Completed project close-out activities, including development of final project report and case study for Canadian C-Suite team.

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