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COO (Chief Operating Officer) in  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mar 2014 - June 2015

My Journey

I was contacted by Justin Henry (founder of Intrigue Technologies, acquired by Logitech) via Facebook, he asked me if I was interested in speaking to his friend about a role.  He explained, that his friend had reached out to him and ask if he would recommend anyone for a COO role at his start-up.  Justin had complemented me by mentioned that I was the only one he'd recommend for the role based on my performance at Logitech.  I spoke to Nick on the phone, we met a number of times and we hit it off; we had synergy surrounding our vision, strategy and tactic we'd use at  I ultimately joined as the 8th employee in early 2014.

Top Achievement

Nick (CEO), Yuri (CTO) and I (COO) joined forces to grow's business from 8 Employees and an annualized sales of  $360k, to $10M and 98 employees over a 15 month period, a 1329% CAGR!

  • Strategic: Development of business vision, tactics, goal definition, business road mapping, development of marketing strategy, pro-forma revenues/expenses and valuation modelling.

  • Leadership and mentorship:

    • Visionary behind organization structure, departmental organization and operational plan.

    • Built and shepherded the organization in the build-out of our Agile practice (Scrum, XP, Kanban).

    • Provided servant leadership; create, communicate, champion and measure organization effectiveness, while removing barriers and providing support to departments and employees. 

    • Provided an open door policy for all staff, offered career mentorship, self improvement strategy and tactics and a friendly ear to all.

  • Communications and feedback: Conducted corporate presentations, client presentations, program reviews, town halls, lunch and learns, staff feedback forums.

  • Sales & Pre-Sales:

    • Attended sales calls with potential enterprise clients, representing Operations and PMO at

    • Support account executives during all phases of the sales cycle ensuring closing.

    • Liaised with sales/management on-boarding schedule based on organization bandwidth.

  • PMO build-out and management:

    • Development of project lifecycles (UX, Dev, IT Ops) and led development of complete organizational customer lifecycle from Marketing -> Sales -> UX -> Development -> IT Operations. 

    • Lean startup, Agile/Scrum/XP/Kanban, Rapid prototyping practice development, champion and chief proliferator

    • KPI and project portfolio metrics to analytically support decision making processes

    • Managed product development teams using Javascript/Angular/Node/Meteor/React/Vue/NoSQL utilizing FDD/TDD/CI/CD to develop hosted platform solutions (AWS, Azure, Huroku) and accompanying Client Apps.

    • Organizational/Portfolio resource allocation, leveling and balancing to deliver maximum value.

    • Project & Operational tooling benchmarking, selection, integration, training and rollout. Billing, Chat, Resource allocations, Sales, Backlog management etc.

    • Development of unified project portfolio roadmap (for client projects and operational projects)

  • Client onboarding: Participated with CEO, CTO and pre-sales engineer in sales calls, developed MSA/SOW, worked through issues with client to achieve signing of agreements, Client on-boarding, rapid project initialization.

  • Product Management: Mentored Product Owners/Managers in product road mapping, story mapping, prioritization and release planning to maximize ROI and reduce cycle times

  • Client Billing: Managed client account setup, revenue categorizations, expense tracking, bi-weekly invoice publishing, payment tracking, monitored age of accounts and contact clients who may have balances in arrears.

  • Development: UX development, prototyping, Javascript, Angular, Meteor, React, Node.JS, frameworks, Python, PHP, Cloud computing, PII, HIPPA), (TDD) test driven development, (CI/CD) continuous integration & deployment, test engineering, deployment & training.

  • Data collection, Analytics & AI: <eeeeeeee>

  • Infrastructure management: Network build-outs, management, IP telephony/IVR setup and management.

  • Facilities Management: Business space forecasting, floor plan modeling, site analysis, property contract negotiation and acquisition, capital and infrastructure build-outs, phased moves.

  • Procurement and asset management: managed procurement asset management, repurposing, end-of-life windowing and inventory.

  • Internal Communications: Developed corporate document repository and intranet.  Used for corporate communications (Employee on-boarding, Corporate calendar, project and operational repositories, HR employee interface etc.)

  • P/L & Cash-flow management: Managed project and operational budgets, quarterly/annual budget development, short/long term debt obligations, payment deposits, managing cash balances to ensure liquidity of business.

  • Benefits acquisition and administration: Sourced, negotiated, rolled-out health benefits/HSA/Corporate Wellness program.

  • Hiring and vetting of staff: developed departmental job requisitions for LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Monster, and Workopolis.  Responsible for hiring of UX, PMO, Test, Operations staff, vetted hiring of non-departmental staff.

  • Public Speaking: Communications of Rangle’s unique service offering and processes at public events, sponsored events (ngConf, TechTO, various Meetups)

  • Professional Development: Advance one’s own professional and technical knowledge by attending workshops and other educational trainings, participating in professional societies and industry networks, and reading professional and industry publications.

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