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Consultant (Portfolio & Program Management)

University of Illinois -  Applied Health Sciences - mLab in Chicago, Illinois


My Journey

After I had left it was time for a well deserved rest.  I had been working uninterrupted for over 20 years and felt I had a well deserved break coming, especially considering my wife was pregnant at the time with our second child.  My cousin Dr. Spyros Kitsious had recently left the University of HEC in Montréal, Quebec and accepted a new job at the prestigious University of Illinois in Chicago, Illinois.  Along with the position came greater expectations, larger budgets and more staff.  He had asked me to join his team as a consultant and lead the development of his portfolio & program management capabilities.  The position was ideal as it offered me the opportunity to work within  an academic environment as well as offering me the option for periodic remote execution that supported my families needs.

Top Achievement


  • Strategic

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